Legal Statement


Legal Statement


Visitors must carefully read and agree to this statement before accepting the services of this website. Visitors visit this website and use this website in various ways will be regarded as the approval of all the contents of this statement without objection. If you have any objection, please consult with this website first and obtain the written opinions of this website before proceeding.

NO.I: Visitors must be cautious in all behaviors related to this website (including but not limited to visit, browse, use, reprint, publicity and introduction).Visitors shall not intentionally or negligently damage or weaken the various legal rights and interests of this website, and shall not use this website in any way to directly or indirectly engage in behaviors that violate Chinese laws, international conventions and social ethics, and visitors shall abide by the following promise:

A.The transmission and utilization of information comply with Chinese laws, international conventions and social ethics.

B.This website and its related network services shall not be used for illegal or improper purposes.

C.Not to interfere and disrupt this website and its related network services.

D.Abide by the agreements, regulations, procedures and practices of this website and related network services.

NO.II: The introduction of materials, accessories, modeling design and other aspects of this website is the description of the product. Neither the description nor the evaluation of the product by the experts on this website constitute the commitment or guarantee of the value of the product on this website. The site warns its visitors to make careful decisions.

NO.III: The intellectual property content involved in this website is an example that illustrates or narrates the product characteristics, design and other related content of this website after obtaining relevant authorization, and does not imply that this website has obtained relevant authorization and qualifications.

NO.IV: This website solemnly reminds visitors: please respect the copyright and copyright of the works when reprinting and downloading the works of this website. Visitors are not allowed to publish the contents of this website to the public media or we media with public communication power. If the relevant legal responsibilities arising from unauthorized publication are borne by the publisher, the website reserves the right to investigate its responsibilities in case of adverse impact on this website

NO.V: Unless otherwise specified in this website or mandatory by Chinese law, the original works of this website, the copyright works shared by this website and the author, and other websites or media that need to be used must obtain the written authorization of this website. It is strictly prohibited to reprint or use for other commercial purposes without authorization. Without the mutual consent of the website and the author, no other organization shall infringe the copyright of its works in any form, including but not limited to unauthorized reproduction, link, illegal use or reprint.

NO.VI: When this website recommends the contents of other websites in the form of links, this website shall not be responsible for the authenticity, legality and copyright of the relevant contents, and this website shall not be liable for any direct or indirect losses caused (or claimed to be caused) by the use or trust of the relevant contents. If this website inadvertently infringes the intellectual property rights of any media, company, enterprise or individual, please provide a written certificate to this website as soon as possible. This website will deal with it through friendly negotiation and the principle of fairness and impartiality, and delete or correct it as soon as possible.

NO.VII: When government departments and judicial organs require this website to provide personal data in accordance with legal procedures, this website will provide it in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and this website is not responsible for any disclosure of such situations. In addition, this website will not disclose any information to any party except with the written consent. This website is not responsible for any disclosure of personal data caused by users telling others their personal password.

NO.VIII: The product drawings and packaging mentioned in this website are for reference only, and there may be some differences with the final products. The specific products, packaging, certificates and other contents are subject to the actual products. The content of this website only represents the author's own views, does not represent the views and views of this website, has nothing to do with the position of this website, the relevant responsibility of the author.

NO.IX:  The final interpretation of the above statement belongs to The website of Beijing Huaxia Chuanshi Collections Co., LTD