Sincerely Invite Cooperation


Sincerely Invite Cooperation


Cooperation purpose

With the concept of “integrity and win-win”, the company actively seeks to establish cooperation with various partners in the cultural industry. The company knows that every link in cooperation is very important to customers. We have the responsibility and obligation to safeguard the interests of customers. The business ethics we follow together will be the basic guarantee for the healthy development of the cooperative partner ecological chain.

Market Prospect

With the continuous improvement of people’s income, cultural needs are becoming more and more indispensable to People. Thus, it provides a broad market for cultural and creative products and master works of art. If we can seize this historical opportunity, we will achieve wealth that can be enjoyed by future generations.

Partner Interests

The company takes customer satisfaction as the only standard to measure products. By providing comprehensive services such as products, marketing and services for partners, partners can get strong guarantee from the company in terms of market positioning, sales support, marketing planning, program implementation and after-sales service.

Product Support

Every year, the company will launch cultural products with the theme of major international events or national major activities in that year. At the same time, it will also launch works of art with the connotation of spreading Chinese excellent traditional culture and famous works of art, which is enough to support partners to maximize sales.

Training Support

For each product launched by the company, there is a full marketing plan, including video, graphic and text materials, which can be effectively communicated to customers through various ways without processing by partners. At the same time, the company is also equipped with professional trainers to regularly train partners through video conferences every week.

Get Customer Support

The company knows that the continuous introduction of customer resources is the core factor for the continuous development of partners. Therefore, we not only provide partners with products, but also provide customers with customer acquisition services. The company has professionals to continuously provide partners with all kinds of support they need to acquire customers.

Cooperation Mode

Signed “Huaxia Chuan Shi Collection Authorized Distribution Agreement” with the company to sell various products developed by the company, enjoy the preferential sales policies provided by the company for partners, and obtain the product support, training support and customer support provided by the company for partners.

Cooperation Conditions

Have a strong desire to develop the local cultural product market and a strong desire to change life by developing the market. It is committed to cooperating with the company, establishing the brand image of Huaxia Chuan Shi collection, expanding the brand popularity of Huaxia Chuan Shi collection, and striving to obtain the dealer ability certification.